Jimmy Bennett spoke for the first time since the revelation of the rape affair affecting Asia Argento. Victim of the actress when he was a minor, the actor and musician sent a statement to the New York Times where he tells his story.

New twist in the case of rape on minor that affects the actress Asia Argento. Jimmy Bennett, his victim, had not spoken since the events, which occurred in 2013. He has just published a statement relayed by the New York Times, the newspaper that had revealed on August 19 the case of sexual abuse touching one of Harvey Weinstein’s main accusers . In this long text, the young actor and musician explained why he had waited so long before seeking compensation from the Italian actress.

Violated by Asia Argento when he was only 17 years old, Jimmy Bennett made an agreement with the ex-girlfriend of the chef Anthony Bourdain in November 2017. Against the sum of 380 000 dollars, he promised to remain silent while the one who abused him became one of the leading figures in the #MeToo movement . The young man, now 22, says, “I did not talk about my story first because I chose to manage it privately with the person who hurt me . 


He explains that his “trauma has resurfaced” when Asia Argento “positioned itself as a victim itself” has also confided why he has not spoken since the revelation of the case: “I did not I have not made a public statement in recent days and hours because I was scared and ashamed to be part of this media story . ” It was the same reason that kept him from raping him when he was still a teenager: “I tried to seek justice in a way that made sense to me at the time . 

Jimmy Bennett thought then that the public would laugh at the story of a teenage boy who recounts his rape: “At the time, I thought there was still a stigma to be in the situation of a man in our society. I did not think people would understand the event that took place from a teenager’s point of view. I had overcome many adversities in my life and it was only one more that I will manage in due course. I would like to move on and have decided today to move forward by breaking the silence .