Returning to the cinema in the Lukas thriller, Jean-Claude Van Damme spoke about his prolific career during an interview for Le Parisien. The actor explained that he had made a sacrifice that still gnaws at him today to devote himself to his job.

After a homophobic slippage on the set of We are not lying broadcast last July , the actor continued the promotion of the film. On the other hand, he did more about his career and his private life than about his vision of society. For Le Parisien, the supporter of Donald Trump has spoken about his difficult debut in Los Angeles . ”  For five years, I was on the street in Los Angeles. I did not have a green card. I did ungrateful work. I ate free, left and right. And then overnight you become a star. You park your car, you see the guys who have no money, you talk to them. The producers tell you “you’re wasting your time” … All of this makes me sad He said.


The actor’s career took off in 1988 with Bloodsport, and successes such as Kickboxer, Double Impact, and Universal Soldier ensued. In the 2000s, Jean-Claude Van Damme made the joys of the video market by linking low-budget productions, still offering returns in theaters, including JCVD and Expendables 2 . Although this film has been marked by many commercial successes, the actor still has bitter regrets.

”  In 1986, when I was successful in cinema, I went from film to film, and I did not see my children grow up,  ” Jean-Claude Van Damme told Paris . Kristopher’s father, Bianca and Nicholas, respectively aged 31, 27 and 22 years, sees in this absence a common point with the character of Lukas . ”  I’m not a movie star, I’m a simple guy who did not know how to love his daughter. That’s the thought I had in mind for playing Lukas,  “he said. Anyway, there is still time for the 57-year-old star to make up for lost moments …