When it comes to Kendall Jenner, she does not take on every model

he does not choose her words as carefully as her modeling jobs …

Kim Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner is a model in demand worldwide. While photographers and designers are tearing themselves up for the 22-year-old, she does not get along so well with her colleagues.

“From the beginning, we were super-selective about the shows I would do,” says Kendall.”I’ve never been one of the girls to do 30 shows in a season or whatever shit these girls are doing. (…) But I had a million jobs. Not just catwalks, but everything else … “



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Many find this incredibly cocky and disrespectful of all the girls who struggle day after day through the harsh modeling business and have no millions of assets in the background that would allow them to lean on jobs.

On Instagram , angry comments like: “That’s ridiculous. She’s a terrible model and can not pretend to be a model model for all those girls who do everything for their careers. “