It’s funny how things evolve without really noticing it. If we had been told 5 years ago that James Cameron would return to the Terminator franchise , even as a producer, we would not have held up anymore, exploding with joy as we went. So why is not it now?

Because of Terminator: Genisys probably. So ok, Cameron has nothing to do with the movie, and that’s the problem, but we still have not digested the promotion of the movie where JC was telling us with a big smile that it was cool, we could Go without worry, the movie was great. It’s silly, but something broke between us at that moment, he had taken out a big lie for the first time and we had gotten into it. Of course, we blame him and in addition, the trust between us is no longer a good shot. So when he talks about his Terminator 6, we always say at one point that he is trying to smoke us again.

However, the project seems to be done with the best intentions: respect for the original story, denial of everything that happened after Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton’s return, yet there is something to get excited about. But no, we can not do it, we’re too suspicious. And Cameron is not the only one to watch us since Arnold Schwarzenegger is also doing  it, by revealing to the microphone of Business Insider  that this Terminator 6 directed by  Tim Miller will have to make radical choices to return to the source of its history and simplify its universe:

“I think James and Tim have come up with a concept where they can still use the T-800 but build a whole new story.What they’re doing on this film is: take a few important characters, like Linda’s and mine, but ignore everything else and move away from all these rules in the timeline and other characters. “

A statement that raises several questions, including the presence of John Connor. They will not fire him anyway? That said, again, how to trust a guy who praised the merits of  Genisys ? Well, in fact, he was a little obliged to do it by contract. Moreover, he took the opportunity to clarify what he thought of the film:

“It’s hard to find new ideas when you’re staying in the same setting.” Which does not mean much, we agree. In short, all that to say that Terminator 6 is likely to reserve us big surprises and, knowing that it is conceived as the first part of a new trilogy, we must expect big changes to come, like passages of torch from one generation to the next, what kind of stuff.