The daughter of the late American comedian abandons the lawsuits against the automaker, whose deficiencies she had pointed out.

This may be the end of a soap opera as we prepare to celebrate the sad fourth anniversary of Paul Walker’s death . His 18-year-old daughter, Meadow , seems to have reached an agreement with Porsche, which she has been pursuing for more than two years. The young woman considered the automaker responsible for the deaths of her father and Roger Rodas, who were killed in a sports car of the brand on a road near Los Angeles. According to her, it is failures in the model and a lack of security that are at the origin of Paul’s death.

According to The Blast website , followed by E! News , Meadow and the famous brand have reached an agreement, the terms of which are unknown, even if we can guess that they are at least partially financial. We just know she has dropped the lawsuit.

A month and a half after the accident on November 30, 2013, forensic scientists had submitted their chilling report on the causes of death . According to them, the Porsche Carrera GT was traveling more than 160 km / h when it hit a power pole and a tree, before catching fire, trapping its passengers. While Roger Rodas suffered several skull fractures that blew his brain, Paul Walker was mostly the victim of the flames: when the reliefs exhumed his body from the cockpit, he was not identifiable, nor even a candidate for donation organ. In the passenger seat, he was in a defensive position with multiple fractures to his jaw, clavicle, arm and ribs. He succumbed “combined effects of trauma and thermal injury, “according to this report.

In the months that followed, the star’s entourage of Fast & Furious began searching for answers, quickly realizing that Paul might have survived the accident. Very quickly pointed out, the Porsche brand has defended all negligence on its models and in particular on this Carrera very difficult to magner. In 2015, Meadow sued the builder for recognition of his responsibility for the tragedy. Porsche had told him rather drastically that his father and Roger Rodas , all experienced pilots he was, were the only ones responsible for their own deaths …