Hardly have you had time to digest the big and recent update 3.0 deployed for ARMS two weeks ago that Nintendo announces new changes for its fighting game which has the long arm.

On the program of version 3.1 of ARMS available since Thursday September 28, 2017, Nintendo announces a whole new arena, entitled Sparring Ring . Finally … new arena, it is quickly said, since it is actually the one used for warm-up. The Sparring Ring is square, with no frills or any particular characteristics. The Sparring Ring promises to be a training course for gentlemen who want to put on bread without being distracted by anything other than their venerable opponent.

Apart from this more legit-tu-die arena , you will also have to reckon with a slight rebalancing of all the characters : Ninjara will move for example farther when he dodges in the air, while Clapback will see the damage caused by his Rush attack slightly reduced.

All the details of this update 3.1 can be consulted at this address , for the aesthetes of the cartoonsque fight that speak fluently Reggie’s language.