In a post published on its official blog , Blizzard announces the launch of a companion app on iOS and Android .

This mobile application integrates and gives particular access to the different social functionalities of Blizzard’s platform.


The software allows to receive, validate and reject friend requests from its smartphone. It also offers a QR Code system that makes it easy to accept new contacts.

A chat is also part of the game to prepare strategies or simply to trim the bold end with his teammates. The application finally indicates when the players are online and what they are playing.

Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store to retrieve it.

Blizzard admits that renaming was a bad idea

In a completely different matter, Blizzard will open a new eSport arena on 7 October in Los Angeles. A gigantic complex that will host the future major competitions of Blizzard, those of Overwatch or Hearthstone . The heck of the electronic player in short.