Final Fantasy XV , it’s not over. As we know, the game will continue to expand in 2018 . But today, players can discover a somewhat modified chapter via the latest update .

Oyez, oyez, you who devote yourself to Final Fantasy XV . To upgrade to version 1.16, it will be necessary to pay heavy downloads on PS4 (more than 4 GB) and Xbox One (more than 7 GB) . What will it bring you? Good question. Here’s the answer: new fish to fish and fix bugs, especially in the Assassin event, in addition to the conclusion at the Kupo-kwéh Carnival.

But of course that is not all, since the story is updated with new elements – of which you can see excerpts in our gallery of pictures below . Concretely, it is chapter 12 that is reinforced with unpublished cutscenes to offer new details concerning Lunafreya and Gentiana or the invocations Shiva and Ifrit.

Final Fantasy XV is available on PS4 and Xbox One. It arrives in early 2018 on PC in Pocket Edition on iOS and Android at the end of 2017.