Princess Haya (45) is sitting with her hands in her hair. The wife of the Emir of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum (70), left for London last summer to escape from her suffocating husband. The princess applied for asylum, hoping to build a new life in Europe. However, her visa would have been definitively rejected, resulting in an extremely uncertain future. 

It was great news when it became known in recent months that the originally Jordanian princess Haya, together with her two children Jalila (11) and Zayed (7), had taken her suitcases and had fled to the British capital for fear of her own life. . She ducked her eyeballs under i n a villa of over 85 million near Kensington Palace in London. The princess could feel safe there, since she has had a relationship with the United Kingdom for some time. For example, she was there every year at Royal Ascot, the most famous horse race in the world. 

However, her plan seems to have failed completely. Because according to sources, Haya’s visa application has since been rejected,  probably because the administration in London fears to kick the mighty Emir of Dubai against the shins. Although Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum often rules his country with dubiousness, he remains a major player in the oil world and has a lot of international status and political ties.

Haya’s half-brother, the Jordanian king Abdullah (57), meanwhile came up with a clever plan to prevent Haya from being sent back to Dubai. Earlier this month , he nominated his half-sister as a deputy ambassador to London. Haya would enjoy diplomatic protection in that new position. But considering her visa’s refusal, it is questionable whether she will actually be able to hold that position. There is a chance that Haya will soon be deported from the United Kingdom.  

In the meantime, Princess Haya would be close to despair. She is still waiting for her to continue her legal battle against Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. In November the lawsuit about the divorce and the custody of the children is repeated. If Haya were allowed to continue to take care of her offspring, that would mean a serious breach of Sharia law. The strict Islamic law states that in the event of a temporary break or divorce, the children must always stay with their father.  However, the princess now asked the court to temporarily take over custody of her daughter. She is afraid something else will happen to her. Bin Rashid, on the other hand, demands that his offspring return as quickly as possible. 

Yet one thing is striking: in a joint statement both tenors let them know that the dispute is about the children and not about their marriage.  However, the necessary rumors about this had recently arisen. According to British media, her bodyguard had laid a bomb under her relationship. The 36-year-old ex-soldier Russell Flowers had accompanied her in recent years in Great Britain and during international travels. However, this alleged romance is not confirmed in any way.