Brad Pitt became the hero of the October issue of GQ magazine. In his interview, he talked about what rules are followed when choosing roles. The actor also admitted that he compares himself only with two colleagues in the shop.

Before agreeing to play this or that role, Brad asks himself: “If I am going to play this role, what can I bring to it that cannot be done by another actor?” He has been asking this question from time to time for the past 15 years. Usually Pitt thinks about how he can bring personal experience, how he will share a sense of humor, personal experiences and the pain that the actor has experienced. And even Brad has someone to look up to.

When I look at Christian Bale or Tom Hardy, I understand that I can’t do what they do,

He admitted.

The actor also said that he loves to watch the game of Bale and Hardy:

I love to look at them. And after all, I could not enter this role. I would very much like for my part to be able to do the same as they.

Despite being quite critical of their roles, everyone admires Brad in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie. At 55, the actor still makes you fall in love with him, not only because of his attractive appearance, but also because of the quality of the acting.