A  sex scandal surrounding ‘That’ 70s Show ‘actor Danny Masterson (43), who came in the skin of Steven Hyde in the sitcom,  makes the Church of Scientology falter. During a lawsuit, four young women  accused the controversial church of sweeping rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, and intimidation. According to cult members, the entire situation also threatens to explode in the face of Tom Cruise (57),  the most famous member and sign of Scientology.

The lawsuit is directed against 43-year-old ‘That’ 70s Show ‘actor Danny Masterson, also a member of the Scientology sect. The four women all accuse him of sexual abuse. Two of them describe Masterson’s method as Bill Cosby’s, with the actor drugging them and then raping them. Victim Chrissie Bixler (37) lived with Masterson in the 90s and claims that she fainted at the time, after he had put something in her drink one evening. The next day she was in a lot of pain and asked Danny what had happened. “He laughed and said,” Oh, I had sex with you last night, “Chrissie testified in court. “I then asked if I was unconscious, and he said frankly” yes. “

Chrissie – then a member of Scientology – claims to have filed a complaint with a church leader after the facts. However, he would have refused to believe her and told her that she could not have been raped because she and Masterson had a relationship. “You must have done something to have earned it,” the supervisor would have told her then.

Marie Bobette Riales (39) also testified in court. She claimed that she was Masterson’s girlfriend in 2002, until one day she put something in her glass and sexually abused her. “I had known for some time that there was something wrong with our relationship. But it never occurred to me that he did this to other girls too, “Riales said. Two other women, who want to remain anonymous, joined the trial and testified against the actor.

The victims said they reported the crime to the police in Los Angeles in 2016 and 2017  . The case was briefly investigated, but was quickly classified without consequences. The actor was fired by all the fuss from the TV series ‘The Ranch’, but otherwise remained unpunished. That is why the four women decided to take the ‘That’ 70s Show ‘actor to court and to focus their attention on the entire organization behind Scientology. 

After reporting, the four alleged victims all claimed to have been harassed and stalked by members of the Church. But it would not have stopped there: Chrissie Bixler even thinks that her dog died mysteriously after she told her story and that the alarm system of her house was cracked and turned off several times. One victim, on the other hand, claims that Scientology members created false profiles in her name on various porn sites and websites for escorts. The church would also have deliberately wanted to cover up the rapes, sexual attacks, human trafficking and intimidation.

According to various cult members, the explosive lawsuit is a true nightmare for David Miscavige, the leader of the controversial church. “And it is feared that Tom Cruise will also get involved, considering he is considered a very important member of the church. He is second in rank, after Miscavige, who is one of his best friends. Now that Miscavige is mentioned in the court case, Tom can also be summoned to testify in court. He is in a very difficult position due to this case. ”