New bug, new investigation. Apple is trying to find the reason for a problem with iPhone X calls.

We know all too well: smartphones are not infallible. Many bugs exist and are discovered – be they related to hardware or software – after several months of marketing, use. The latest problem is therefore Apple’s iPhone X and touches the calls received by the phone. Fortunately, the American firm has opened an investigation …

Calls not transmitted to the user

That a smartphone costs more than 1000 euros does not prevent it from being a victim of worries. The iPhone X, despite its high price and powerful technical features, is no exception! Many users have said that by receiving a call on the famous Apple phone, the screen remained off and did not inform the call. The Financal Times said that, faced with this problem, Apple decided to open an investigation to find the source.

A fix will be provided

A fix would be provided to fix this problem via an iOS update. An umpteenth update against the many deployed by Apple since the release of iOS 11. Note that this is not the first time that iPhone X is a victim of problems fixed via updates: the latter sometimes did not respond face to touch when the temperature suddenly changed, photos / videos were sometimes distorted etc. Note that the patch could be proposed in the spring.