After numerous interviews with Chandler Riggs and the showmen of “Walking Dead”, there was hardly any hope that the producers joked and Karl would not die – but to show once again that there was no chance for Karl to survive, the creators of “The Walkers” showed a new episode trailer , in which spectators and characters will be forced to watch the death of one of the most seemingly untouchable heroes.
New promo videos are devoted to an episode titled “Last Stand” (“The Last Battle”), with which “Walking Dead” will return after a winter break after three weeks – on February 25.

By the end of the month, jihadists convicted of terrorism will be able to apologize to victims of attacks in Indonesia.

Jihadists convicted of terrorism in Indonesia will be able to apologize to victims of attacks at an “exceptional” meeting of reconciliation by the end of the month, said Monday a minister of the most populous Muslim country in the world . “This meeting is quite exceptional, it never happened before,” Wiranto, a security minister with only a surname like many Indonesians, told reporters. terrorism and former detainees will have the opportunity to apologize to victims, he added.

No information was provided on the identity of the activists and victims or on the duration of the meeting.

About 150 participating terrorists

According to Indonesian media, about 150 former terrorists would be affected by this reconciliation meeting. No details were provided on the number of victims who would participate. Indonesia had been precipitated in its own “war on terror” by the Bali bombings in 2002 (202 dead, including many foreigners). The authorities then launched a major offensive against Islamic extremists and weakened the most dangerous networks, according to experts.

But the Islamic State jihadist organization has managed to mobilize the Indonesian extremist group again. In January 2016, suicide attacks and armed attacks in Jakarta claimed the lives of four civilians. The four attackers had been killed in these attacks claimed by the IS, the first of this magnitude in Indonesia since 2009.