Angelina Jolie has to go out and make fake rumors in the ground

Angelina Jolie is in the midst of a bitter divorce show with her husband Brad Pitt after the two superstars left each other in September 2016, where it both left Brad Pitt to have an alcohol abuse and had been violent to the parent’s eldest son, Maddox, when they flew home in a private plane after a holiday in France.

The couple has six children together, and when the breach was a reality, Angelina hired one of Hollywood’s most harsh divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser.
Wasser helped Angelina Jolie with divorce from Billy Bob Thornton and assassinated Denise Richards a divorce from Charlie Sheen, who is ruining the infamous actor who pays almost half a million dollars a month to Denise Richards. Laura Wasser has also helped Maria Shriver to be divorced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and twice she has taken Stewie Wonder’s party in a divorce so that the successful singer has not been completely ruined by her ex-husbands. Three members of the Kardashian clan have also hired Laura Wasser in connection with divorces.