The former “Desperate Housewives” star is back on the red runner after she gave birth to her first son in June

Eva Longoria , 43, changed giggle the other day and cried out with a little glamor. The actor, who in June became the mother of a boy , was back yesterday on the red runner, where she promoted her latest movie “Dog Days”. 

It is the first time that the actor goes on the red runner after she born on June 19, a son she has with her third husband, José “Pepe” Bastón. 

The little son has been named Santiago Enrique Bastón. 

Earlier than two months ago, Eva Longoria gave birth to her first child. Photo: All Over Press

– It is fantastic. I float on a pink cloud, Longoria tells me to become Mother of Extra.  

– Today is the first time I’m back to work … It’s the first time in seven weeks I’ve put my hair and put makeup. He is seven weeks old. I am breastfeeding him this morning and he looked at me and looked like he thought, “Who are you? Where is my mother?” And I replied, “This is what this mother actually looks like, it sounds like the newly born mother. 

Longoria has also posted a picture on her Instagram, where she shows that she puts hair and puts makeup. 


Eva Longoria showed her newborn son for the first time in the American magazine Hola, where the little gold lump had been placed on the front of the magazine. 

It was also the weekly magazine that could tell the story that Eva had become a mother for the first time back in June . 

– Here he is. Santiago Enrique Baston waves to the world. I could not wait to share this picture with you, Eva wrote on Instagram.

In the interview with the magazine, she also told her how it was to be a mother. 

– It’s magical. I feel that I have known him all the life, she told the weekly magazine. 

Eva Longoria shows her son on the front of the Hola magazine. (Photo: All Over Press) 

Eva Longoria and José Bastón got married back in 2016, it is their first common child. 

Before birth, Eva told her how she was nervous about her new role as a mother . 

– I’m excited, but nervous. Nervous, excited and emotional, Eve told the family increase to the weekly magazine People. 

Formerly, 43-year-old Longoria, among other things, has formed couples with Tony Parker and Tyler Christopher, but none of the circumstances have cast children off.