According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner’s Doberman would have attacked a girl on the terrace of a Los Angeles restaurant. Rather than worry, the model would have rushed to leave without saying a word.


A few minutes later, the mother-daughter duo would have returned to the terrace of the restaurant to talk with the owner of the molosse. But surprise! The latter, accompanied by her new boyfriend Ben Simmons, had already paid his bill and had run away without even hearing from the injured girl. According to several witnesses, the mother then called the police who, once arrived at the scene, would have prepared a report and communicated the case to the animal control service.

If Kendall Jenner has not yet publicly responded to this controversy, there is every reason to believe that she was well aware of the dangerous nature of her pet. ”  She is cute but she would tear your face,  ” she wrote in legend of a cliché where she posed proudly next to her dog, last May. We are warned!



cute but she’ll rip your face off

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