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Amber Hurd and Ilona Mask again seen together.

It’s hard to say exactly how long the novel Amber Hurd and Ilona Mask lasts, because the couple is constantly converging, then diverging. The first loud break of lovers occurred in August 2017. Then everyone thought that the initiator of the parting was Ilon Mask, but soon the famous entrepreneur admitted that this actress broke off relations with him. Well, apparently, the persistent Mask does not give up and continues to do everything to bring back his beloved, and, it seems, he succeeds.

The other day, the network again showed that Musk and Hurd were seen together in one of the clubs in Los Angeles. Prior to this, the pair was seen repeatedly in restaurants and just during a walk. Moreover, according to sources from the star environment, ex-beloved celebrated together the New Year in Chile.

And yet, despite so many convincing facts confirming the resumption of relations between celebrities, insiders do not believe that Amber and Ilon will be together again. They argue that they are bound exclusively by the friendship that they managed to preserve after the break.

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