All of this is said: the pregnant Kylie Jenner learned that the father of a future child had changed her

Pregnant Kylie Jenner now rarely appears in public. After the news of her pregnancy, the  reality TV star decided to avoid social events. But the news from this about it is not less.

Foreign media claim that Kylie Jenner broke up with her beloved Travis Scott. Allegedly, the father of a future child has changed her.

The rumors that Kylie Jenner left her boyfriend immediately broke up in the media. One of the first about this reported edition of ” Radar Online “:

When Travis suddenly came to visit, Kylie punched on him with fists. She just wants him to leave her alone. And she does not want to see anyone but her mother Chris Jenner and best friend Jordin Woods. Travis did everything to get Kylie back. Send her flowers, gifts. But Kylie is too emotional now.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have not commented on their personal lives yet. Let’s note that Kylie Jenner should give birth soon.