Actress Scarlett Johansson became famous due to the role of the Black Widow in the pictures of Marvel. In May 2018, the movie “Avengers 3: The War of Infinity” is released. Also we will see the actress in the solo project about the red-haired superheroin.

It became known that for the role in the solo project Marvel is ready to pay a record royalty. According to rumors, the actress will receive $ 25 million. But that is not all. If the “Black Widow” can collect at the box office 900 million dollars, then Scarlett Johansson will also receive a percentage of fees. Thus, the fee may exceed $ 30 million.
This we do not know until 2020.

Recall that the first time Scarlett in the role of Natasha Romanova (“The Black Widow”) appeared on the screen in the second part of the “Iron Man” in 2010. Next were the films “Avengers” (2012), “The First Avenger: Another War” (2014), “The Avengers: The Era of Altron” (2015), “The First Avenger: Confrontation” (2016), “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017).