American actress Amber Heard does not lose hope finally to arrange a personal life. Recently, the 33-year-old star began to meet with the 25-year-old fashion model Milos Drago.

As transmits Daily Mail, they were introduced by mutual friends in April 2019. Between the actress and the fashion model instantly ran a spark and they began to meet.Milos is a model, but he is from a strong family, and he has a great sense of humor. She has fun with him, and that’s good for Amber after all she’s been through … This is a very different relationship for her. Johnny was much older, and their marriage was at least unstable. And Milos is sweet and loving. They are incredibly happy together claimsinsider.

Sources say that in this relationship, Amber Heard is very happy. The couple have already seen on a date in Malibu – Milos flew there to meet the relatives of the beloved! They inspire each other. Milos has flown to Los Angeles to meet his family and friends. Amber