For years it has been whispered that Jessica Biel is a vaccination refusal, and that seems to be confirmed now. According to The Daily Beast, the actress, who has a son with singer Justin Timberlake, has joined a lobby of so-called anti-vaxxers.

Jessica spoke to activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the California State Parliament on Wednesday, as was shown on photos that circulated on social media.¬†Kennedy called Jessica “courageous”, but why the actress was there remained unclear.

Kennedy later confirmed to The Daily Beast that he and Jessica are lobbying together against a bill that would make it harder for families to be exempt from vaccinations. He did not want to use the word antivaxer. According to Kennedy, Jessica argues for “safe vaccines and for medical freedom”.

Earlier, Jessica’s views on vaccinations were in the news, but never was confirmed. In 2015, a source told In Touch Weekly that Jessica believes vaccinations can cause complications.