A new acquisition for the American giant? Maybe…

Amazon is on all terrains. The one regularly accused of stifling the competition, especially the independents, is notably known for its service Amazon Prime. A service allowing access to a catalog of films and series in streaming, often exclusive. Only here: like Netflix, these exclusives only benefit from an output on our screens – TVs, tablets, smartphones – and not the cinema. It is in order to reach the big screen, whose attendance has never been so important, that Amazon would plan to buy the chain of cinemas LandMark Theaters according to the well-informed Bloomberg.

Amazon cinemas for tomorrow?

For the moment, this incursion on the side of theaters seems to be on the side of the US with the possible takeover of LandMark Theaters by Amazon. The American firm, which propelled Jeff Bezos to the head of the richest man in the world, would compete with other candidates. Of course, this purchase is only under discussion and nothing allows us to say that Amazon will actually become the owner of this huge chain.

The takeover would be in any case a strategic move for Amazon who could eventually offer its exclusive catalog Amazon Prime in theaters – which are located in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Philadelphia. As much to say big cities with potential punctilious spectators on the quality of the films.

This case is therefore to follow to discover if Amazon could, tomorrow, become an important player in the film scene. With a chain of cinemas to his credit, the American giant would strengthen its position in a new field.