SMS messages between PCs, Macs and smartphones. Available from MAJ

After these last few months of tweaking the application, Microsoft launches an update bringing a series of new features for Skype . Top of the list, and as announced, this new version includes a Skype synchronization between smartphones and PC or Mac computers, allowing the management of your SMS indifferently on these different media.

Manage your SMS on any support by synchronization on Skype

This novelty, discovered and then revealed by Windows Central specialists after reviewing the famous Skype Previews, will be available as soon as the release of the software is released. No manipulation on the part of the users is necessary, this new functionality will be directly integrated to the dedicated updates for Windows 10 and Android.

Named ” SMS Connect ” by the firm of Redmond, it will allow fans of the software, as explained in the associated description, to ” use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and respond to SMS messages from your Android phone.”

A return of Skype on the front of the stage

With this new synchronization, Microsoft takes a step forward and provides a convenient tool for the daily use of SMS, which although considered a dinosaur, continues to prove its usefulness and simplicity. It seems that the SMS still has good days in front of him.

This novelty does not happen on its own, with voice recording and encryption features also appearing since the 8.27 generations of Skype. Easy to trigger (with a simple click on + and then ” Start recording “), a blue logo indicates to all the participants the current recording, pledge of transparency which however can be considered safe by some, but embarrassing for others.

A little outdated for a time by a competition better specialized in instant messaging, Skype takes the hair of the beast, especially against Apple and its iMessages, and gain in usability by synchronizing mail flow and SMS.