Aretha Franklin died on Thursday, August 16, anonymous and celebrities pay tribute to him on the web. Like Jim Carrey, whose portrait of the queen of soul has raised an uproar.

Actor, humorist, screenwriter, producer, Jim Carrey multiplies the caps. What is less well known, however, is that in his spare time, The Mask’s eternal interpreter also devotes himself to the art of caricature. Current sketches, usually from political figures like Donald Trump, which he shares on his Twitter account.

On August 16, to celebrate the memory of Aretha Franklin , Jim Carrey took his pencil, sketching a portrait of the singer, on which she appears mouth wide open. All with a few words: “Look how life can be beautiful. Thanks Aretha! ”


 A drawing that has angered Internet users. In question ? The skin color of the queen of soul, judged far too white. ” Aretha was black “, ” I adore you Jim but would you have a brown marker? “Or” It’s offensive “, can read in comment of his post. A tweetos did not hesitate to rectify the shooting by publishing a modified version of the sketch of the actor.


Fortunately, some defended Jim Carrey, explaining that this whiteness echoed the fact that the singer of Respect was joining the light. A symbolic clarification that did not convince everyone.