A film about the origin of the Joker, where the main role is played by Joaquin Phoenix, is gradually gaining an intriguing stellar cast. It is already known that the company Phoenix will be Zazi Bitz, the star of “Deadpool 2”, and Robert de Niro, and now the caste has also replenished Alec Baldwin.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the famous actor in the new “Joker” will play the role of Thomas Wayne – Batman’s father, the future sworn enemy of the Joker. The vision of the Joker creators will differ materially from what we saw in Nolan Batman and Batman vs. Superman Zach Snyder – in the new Joker, the character of Baldwin is described as “a slippery businessman a la Donald Trump of the 80s”.

To shoot “Joker”, we will remind, there will be Todd Phillips, before that noted by a series of comedies “Bachelor Party in Vegas”. The premiere of “Joker” in cinemas will take place on October 3, 2019.