The remake of the second episode is endowed with a video to say the least amusing.

Yakuza is a license that fascinates players around the world. A game placing you in the shoes of a thug with his lot of fights but especially mini-games. And while Yakuza Kiwami 2, remake of the second episode of the famous franchise, is available since yesterday on PlayStation 4, a brand new trailer has just made its appearance. A trailer for the least barred and all in song that allows us to discover images of this remaster that was eagerly awaited.

A trailer as far-fetched as musical


This is a trailer for the less special that has lifted the veil on Yakuza Kiwami 2. A trailer that shows no, the license is not all the time serious and knows how to agree wacky moments. While the scenario of the game is very serious, we discover here a song and ultra-violent images based on heels between the legs. Of course, it is not only the fight that is highlighted here since various mini-games, in the middle of champagne and tickets, are in the spotlight.

In short, a remake that does not seem to do things halfway while Yakuza Online will soon be available on iOS, Android and PC. Never has the license been so present on our consoles and it seems that SEGA is on his side decided to offer remakes worthy of the name to episodes more than appreciated by the fans.

As explained previously, this new episode is available since yesterday on PlayStation 4, always only in English – and Japanese for those who master the language.