The drama series Mr. Robot stops. The fourth season announced earlier will also be the last.
The last episode of the series can be seen in 2019. According to sources, the last season will be more extensive than the previous seasons with a total of twelve episodes, writes The Hollywood Reporter .

In the first instance, the fourth season of the series would consist of eight episodes. The series is about a young computer programmer who has difficulty making contacts, but still comes into contact with other people through a hack community. He is discovered by Mr. Robot, a mysterious anarchist who has great plans with him.

“When I created the world of Mr. Robot for the first time , I thought it would be a niche television series with a small cult status, and in the last three years it has become so much more”, says director Sam Esmail.

“From the first day I work towards one conclusion – and at the dawn of the coming season of Mr. Robot I decided that this conclusion is finally here.”

The director thanks the fans of the show for watching. “I can not wait to share this exciting last season with you.”