Dog the bounty hunter’s is putting his money where he should and where his mouth is. He wants brain laundire to be arrested badly, the sources were told that dog has added $10k as the reward for arresting or finding brain.

The sorces have been informed that dog and his family are determined to bring closure to gabby petitos family, and they hope upping the reward helps to uncover brian’s wereabouts. Bring prior to dog’s donation the money sat at $170,000 much of that was donated by some private individuals who completely supported this case. As we’ve reported … Last week, dog joined the nationwide manhunt for brian — and earlier this week he alerted cops to a possible sighting. Dog and his team are currently on a remote island off florida looking for brian.

Dog had said he felt he was this close to capturing him, but the island terrain has slowed down the search. Dog’s gestures came on the heel as he saw the new bodycam footage from a second police officer showing gabby telling that after hitting her in their fight back in august he grabbed her face as well. Know gabby’s family had called on brain to turn himself in.