Brittney and her fiancé, Sam Asghari, are now coming together and are going to start new life. But they want to start this under a new roof and without the constraints of a conservatorship. Some sources told Brittney and Sam are planning to take their relationship to the next level by landing a place, but won’t make until Brittney has full control of her own fiancés. Sources have been told that Brittney’s looking to move out of the valley and head closer to the Hollywood/ L.A area with Sam but they’re keeping their options open as far as exactly where or what type of property they wanna buy.

Our Brittney sources say one thing’s for certain though, she’s more than ready to move out of her current home. Because there were too many bad memories there of being controlled in the conservatorship. She has said she felt like she was being held hostage at her current home, so the move makes a lot of sense. As for price well, she’ll make money off her current home and she has $60 mil in bank, so money won’t be a problem. As you know, Britney and Sam have been together for years, but back in june when she gave her explosive testimony at a hearing about her conservatorship, she claimed she was kept from marrying him, and having children with him.

Though this was refuted by both her father, Jamie and the conservator of her person, Jodi Montgomery, it raised serious red flags about how she was being treated. Then, earlier this month after weeks of speculation, Sam did purpose to Brittney and she said “yes”. And of course, then there was the monumental court hearing this week in which Jamie was removed from Brittney’s conservatorship and wheels were put in motion to dissolve the conservatorship completely.