It’s the week for Shakira (44). The Colombian and her son were attacked by a group of wild boars during a walk in Barcelona. The singer shared her story via Instagram Stories on Wednesday. 

“They took my bag with my cell phone in it to the forest”

Shakira and her 8-year-old son Milan were in a park when suddenly two wild boars charged at them. The animals grabbed her bag, only to tear it to pieces before her eyes. “They took my bag with my mobile phone in it to the forest,” said a bewildered Shakira. “They destroyed everything.”

In the end, the Colombian managed to get her bag back: “They left my bag with me anyway, because I confronted them.”

Shakira is not the first to come face to face with the cheeky animals. For several years now, Barcelona has been plagued by wild boars attacking dogs, looting cat food bowls and vandalizing cars. And they don’t hold back for celebrities.