We can not say that the launch of the video game Active Shooter on Steam is the best taste. Indeed, it is a mass murder game at school, a sensitive subject in the United States, which has experienced 22 killings of this kind since the beginning of the year.

In a context where shootings in schools are developing in the United States, one wonders what has gone through the heads of the developers of the video game Active Shooter. Indeed, the moment could not be worse chosen to propose a game of mass killing at school. If the game puts you mainly in the skin of a SWAT unit, other options are available to you.

Active Shooter, a violent game

And this is where you can really wonder: you can also put yourself in the shoes of the attacker, and kill all the students who are in front of you. It’s up to you to destroy everything on your way.

And we can not say that the developer has done in the finesse in the description page of the game: ” Choose your role, equip yourself and fight or destroy! Be the good guy or the bad guy. The choice is yours! “.

Polemics and explanations of the developers

And to add ” [that] there is only in” Active Shooter “where you will be able to choose the role of an elite member of the SWAT or the shooter “. Unsurprisingly, associations and Internet users were quick to react to the nature of the game, which should be released June 6 on Steam.

On the side of the players, the reactions are contrasted. If some find such a game ” disgusting “, for others the game must go out, although people think because it is only a game reflecting a social reality.

The game developer meanwhile calmed things down, saying he would ” probably take the role of the shooter out of the game before the release, unless it can be kept .” And remember that there are already games much more violent than his, like Hatred or Carmageddon.