A new application decides to abandon the connected watch!

Are the developers starting to turn their backs on the connected watch from the Cupertino company? Because even if the Apple Watch remains the best selling model, the market does not seem more flourishing. As proof: it is an Uber-style VTC service available in the US and Canada that stops being developed on the connected watch: Lyft. It was with MacRumors that the application spoke on this very bad news. The second question is: will the connected watch market continue to sink or regain popularity thanks to really useful models? For the moment, these connected objects do not seem to find real utilities to the users …

Lyft says goodbye to the Apple Watch

Lyft is not the first app to say goodbye to the Apple Watch. Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, eBay or Google Maps have already made a similar decision. The company spoke to MacRumors about the discontinuation of the connected watch from Apple.

The latest Lyft update for iOS will no longer support the app for the Apple Watch. Users will continue to enjoy the Lyft experience by receiving notifications on the Apple Watch for easy travel.

As explained above, notifications can still be viewed by Lyft users on the Apple Watch. A car can not simply be ordered from the connected watch. It is hard to imagine a user going through this technology rather than a smartphone with a larger screen and therefore a better experience: a possible reason to abandon Lyft on Apple Watch?

For its part, the application of the giant Uber is still available on the Apple Watch Cupertino company. Note that the latter now requires the application developers for the connected watch to compile the SDK with watchOS 2 which makes their task more complicated. Apple does not seem to play the game: its connected watch will it disappear?