Critically acclaimed, who sees the title of Santa Monica Studio as a gem, God of War has also won the hearts of gamers. In just one month, the video game has grown to more than five million units.

God of War, available exclusively on the PS4 since April 20, continues to be talked about. And it is primarily the critics who have been totally conquered, the game gathering many 10/10 or 20/20. This is a feat to the extent that developers have innovated for this last part.

God of War, critically acclaimed

Indeed, everything has been put flat in the game, whether in terms of gameplay, scenario or orientation of the game. We follow the adventures of Kratos, who has aged, accompanied by his son, Atreus, traveling in Nordic countries.

And some critics call this part of the masterpiece, as developers have managed to keep the essence of the game while innovating in depth. Visually, the game is a success, as the narration in sequence shot.

More than five million sales worldwide in just one month

With these excellent unanimous reviews, the success with gamers has been extremely fast. So, the game ran out to three million copies in just three days. And success has been sustained over time, as Sony Interactive Entertainment’s strongman John Kodera has pointed out.

Indeed, in the context of Sony Investor Relations Day 2018, he claimed that God of War has sold more than five million units worldwide, and this in just one month. This is also the video game that has sold the fastest on PS4.

So, we can wonder how far the game will go, and whether it will manage to beat big cars, like Zero Dawn, which sold 7.6 million copies in one year, or Uncharted 4, which reached 8.7 million units sold in just seven months. God of War seems armed to do it.