This is a massive recruitment that took place on the side of Apple by drawing directly to Tesla.

It’s a massive departure that took place at Tesla. And for good reason: no less than 46 employees flew to Apple in this year 2018. Information relayed by CNBC. But then why such a migration? Could the Apple Car be at the center of this massive recruitment at one of the most recognized companies in the automotive field? It would seem, again according to the same source, that this recruitment is not the cause of the famous Titan Project. Several arguments are advanced including the financial argument: the Cupertino company has more financial resources than Tesla.

Apple will recruit directly from Tesla

The Cupertino company did not hesitate to recruit 46 Tesla employees in the year 2018. Information revealed by CNBC that also mentions the causes of this recruitment. This is not, as one might think, the fact of Project Titan, Apple’s autonomous car. This is to highlight the expertise in the design of components for the creation of the products of the Cupertino company – iPhone, iPad etc. Of course, the salary offered was a source of motivation for his Tesla alumni. CNBC reports that the salary at Apple would be 1.5 higher than the company run by Elon Musk.

Tesla responded to this massive recruitment for CNBC. The least we can say is that the firm seems serene (apparently?) About this. The company claims to have less budget than Apple but especially choose a “more difficult way”. A way to imply that the ex-employees are not brave enough to stay at Tesla?