Already present on the desktop version, the “Undo” function allowing the cancellation of an email after sending is now available on the mobile version of Gmail.

It’s been a few years now that Google has integrated in Gmail this famous ” Undo ” function allowing the cancellation of sending an email. But here it was, it did not exist on the mobile version of this messaging. Well it’s done, since from now on the application Gmail for smartphones also has this feature.

Gmail: an “Undo” function to cancel the sending of a mail on smartphone

Renowned for its practicality, this function ” Undo ” makes it possible, as long as it is sufficiently responsive, to cancel an email that has already been sent. This faculty, which on the one hand makes it possible to quickly correct the sending to the wrong addressee, on the other hand gives the possibility of correcting or completing a mail sent in a hurry.

This applies in particular to a great classic: these famous mails that we forget to add the attachment, disappointed and impotent by noticing the thing a second after sending.

Cancel an email up to 30 seconds after sending

Now available on iOS and Android, this function ” Undo ” still needs to be activated. To do this, we must go to the side of the parameters, which corresponds to the icon at the top right representing a wheel. Open ” Settings” then once on the next screen, select the ” General ” tab at the top left, then check ” Enable Cancel Sending “.

On this same page, in the ” Sending cancellation time ” field , remember to configure the maximum reaction time you give yourself to cancel an e-mail sent. This parameter can be set from 5 to 30 seconds. Beyond this delay, any cancellation of the mail sent by mistake will be impossible.

Once done, go back to your usual Gmail mail window, and check that a ” Cancel ” button is now available at the bottom, when you are about to send an email. Easy to access, just click on it in the allotted time you have chosen to cancel a shipment.