Tales Soares, a 26-year-old model, died after collapsing on the catwalk of Fashion Week in São Paulo.

On images from the fashion show you can see how Tales Soares falls, face down. The audience initially thought it was part of the show. Only when someone became suspicious and walked up the catwalk did the alarm bells go off.

Then a medical team entered the catwalk. Tales was taken to the hospital, but they couldn’t do anything for him there anymore. He turned 26 years old. 

A few hours before the show, Tales posted another picture of himself on Instagram.

The model was wearing clothing from the Ocksa brand. The organization of the Fashion Week in Brazil has confirmed on Twitter that Tales has indeed died. She speaks of a ‘sad moment’ and wishes the Tales family a lot of strength. “We support them where necessary in this sad time.”

The Brazilian modeling agency Base Mgt, for which Tales has been working for a year and a half, states on social media that Tales has never had health problems. He was not new to the modeling world and has always shown ‘exemplary behavior’, the statement says. “He had a healthy diet, he was a vegetarian.”

The agency says it is waiting for the medical report and is asking people to show respect in this sad time. “We offer all the help to the family and friends of Tales, who will live in our hearts forever.”