Mark Zuckerberg (34) has found the perfect solution to give his wife Priscilla Chan (34) a well-earned night’s sleep: the ‘Sleep Box’. He built it with his own hands, he says on Facebook – how could it be otherwise – Facebook.

“It’s hard to be a mother,” Zuckerberg writes on his Facebook account. “Since we have children, Priscilla has been struggling to sleep through the night. She wakes up and looks at her cell phone to see what time it is, so she knows if the children will soon wake up, but then she becomes stressed because she knows what time it is and she doesn’t fall asleep again. So I built the ‘Sleep Box’ for her. ”

The box is on the Priscilla bedside table. Between 6 and 7 in the morning a soft light shines from underneath the box, “visible enough so that she knows that one of us can get up to get the children when she sees it, but also light enough so that she doesn’t wake up when she is still The hour does not show on the box, so that Priscilla can fall asleep again without stress if she wakes up too early. 

Zuckerberg is very satisfied with his invention. “As an engineer, building a device that helps my partner to sleep better is one of the best ways I can think of expressing my love and gratitude,” he writes. “A lot of friends have already told me they want something like that, so that’s why I share it here. Then an entrepreneur can do something with it and also build ‘Sleep boxes’. ”

The founder of Facebook and his wife have two daughters: Maxima (3) and August (1.5).