Idris Elba , recognized, according to the popular People, the “sexiest” in foreign show business, again became a married man. The 46-year-old actor was married to a 29-year-old actress and model Sabrina Daur.

Elba marked his marriage with a series of extravagant receptions, on the occasion of which he delivered a solid company of his friends and relatives to Morocco, where they were celebrated. The wedding itself took place in perhaps the most luxurious hotel in Marrakesh – Ksar Char Bagh. And on the eve another grand reception was held – the dress rehearsal of the wedding, at which guests were entertained by oriental beauties who performed belly dancing, fakirs juggling with torches, and even trained camels.

However, the bride and groom themselves were dressed in a European way. Sabrina, who won the Miss Vancouver title in 2014, shone on her wedding day in two stunning dresses from famous designer Vera Wang. And Idris was impeccably elegant in a strict classical costume from Ozwald Boateng. For Elba, who met Daur two years ago, and got engaged in March last year, her marriage became the third. From 1999 to 2003, he was married to actress Hanne Norgard, who bore him a daughter Isan. And in 2006, he became the husband of Sonia Nicole Hamlin, but this marriage lasted less than six months. In 2014, Idris had another child — his friend  Nyana Garth gave birth to his son Winston . As for Sabrina, she became a married lady for the first time.