Zayn Malik, the singer of One Direction and Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend, put his father’s name on his head.

Tattoos in tribute to a family member are in vogue among the stars, and it is the turn of Zayn Malik, the companion of the supermodel Gigi Hadid, to give in to temptation.

Zayn Malik had his head tattooed. The singer has written the name of his father, Yaser, behind the ear. The former member of the group One Direction, who is not the most active on social networks, yet shared on his Instagram account the cliché to unveil this registration. Zayn Malik has added to the publication of this publication the legend “Love You “, leaving no doubt about the tribute that is made here.

Love you

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The singer had already paid tribute in 2016 to his father, in another form. In his autobiography, Zayn Malik has indeed explained that his father had inspired some pieces, including “Intermission: Flower”. “My father is a hard worker and he has strong values,” he explained. ” He wanted the best for me and I wanted to please him in return … I wanted to show him, like everyone else, that I could do it,” he said.

If the singer has not written his mother’s name on his skin, it could also happen because he has never hidden his love for her, telling in an interview with US Weekly magazine that it was ” great” “She invests in everything I do, I love my mother,” he said.