Beyonce fans have been hoping for Destiny’s Child to return to the next Coachella, but their dream will not be fulfilled.

The rumor of a return to the scene of Destiny’s Child to celebrate the group’s 20 years has grown after a passage of Beyoncé in a photo call, relayed on Instagram.


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We could see the singer wearing a t-shirt from the ACDC group and a jacket that showed only the letters DC, the initials of the female trio. The idea of seeing Beyoncé make the event for the next Coachella festival in the company of the group in which she started her career then made its way, due in particular to the cancellation of her presence last year, because of her pregnancy.

Fans who have hoped for this scenario will be happy because it was clearly only a dream. TMZ explained that several sources around Beyoncé revealed that the possibility of reformation at Coachella was excluded.

The entourage of Queen Bey explained that the fans had only seen what they wanted to see, and that there were no particular hidden signs in the exit of the star.

Beyonce’s fans will always be able to console themselves with the next musical projects of the star .