YouTube, the video affiliate of the internet giant Google, said Wednesday that it will produce internally a film that will be distributed in theaters, following the lead of the giant online distribution Amazon.

Vulture Club is currently in post-production with the Oscar-winning Susan Sarandon ( Dead Man Walking ) in the role of an emergency nurse whose son was kidnapped by terrorists.

Directed by the Iranian-American Maryam Keshavarz ( Circumstance ), this thriller also stars Edie Falco ( The SopranosNurse Jackie ) and Matt Bomer ( Magic MikeAmerican Horror Story: Hotel ).

Vulture Club follows a woman abandoned by the government and finds a community in the most unexpected places, “said Maryam Keshavarz in a statement, calling YouTube” innovative. ”

YouTube Red, Google’s streaming subsidiary, had already distributed a sci-fi comedy, Lazer Team, in January 2016, but it was a low-budget project with unknown actors that went unnoticed in the box. -office.

Vulture Club  is a whole new dimension, as are two other recent acquisitions of YouTube Red: the parody produced by rap star Eminem  Bodied , and the documentary about the food industry  Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!  from Morgan Spurlock, which follows a worldwide hit at the box office.

If Eminem’s film should have a theatrical release, Spurlock’s film could never see the light of day after the filmmaker admitted to abusive sexual behavior in the past, in the midst of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

The reference Netflix streaming has irritated many filmmakers, including Christopher Nolan, showing little regard for the movies in the room and out at the same time his movies online and on the big screen.

In contrast, Amazon Studios is teaming up with production and distribution companies like Bleecker Street or Lionsgate to give new works an exit window only in theaters before streaming.

The company is now considered a full-fledged movie studio, with nominated or Oscar-winning films such as The Big Sick , Manchester by the Sea or  Chi-Raq  by Spike Lee.