Brian Acton, co-creator of Whatsapp, has a radical position on the subject: he advises users to delete Facebook.

Facebook has long been singled out for its poor protection of users’ privacy. And while the Cambridge Analytica affair is in full swing for the social network, a new boycott call has just been launched. And it’s not about anyone since Brian Acton, co-creator of Whatsapp, asks users to delete Facebook.

Brian Acton asks to remove Facebook


An amazing position on the part of the co-creator of an application bought by Facebook for $ 19 billion? Not really … And for good reason: Brian Acton left the company last November to support Signal, a fully encrypted email application, protecting the privacy of its users. His call for a boycott of Facebook is less surprising when we know the positions of Brian Acton on freedom of expression at a time when Facebook suffered bad publicity following the Cambridge Analytica case. This is not the first time that the endangering of personal data of users is the subject of an outcry.