The hype about vampires in series continues. The next hit is Netflix’s V-Wars, which features a well-known vampire face. None other than Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder (40) has the lead role in the show. And the trailer is already promising.

The time has come: V-Wars is coming to Netflix. The bloodthirsty series is full of vampires, as the first trailer reveals. Someone who has been familiar with the world of vampires for some time is Vampire Diaries actor Ian. The 40-year-old crawls into the skin of a doctor whose best friend is infected by a rather strange virus. Michael Fayne plays the blood drinker, as can be seen in the mysterious trailer. 

The first ten episodes of V-Wars appear on December 5 on Netflix. Exactly on time so to have nightmares on Sinterklaas evening.