Very soon, a long-awaited new release of Ryan Johnson’s project “Knives Out” will be released. In the meantime, stars of comedian detective Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are actively promoting the picture.

Judging by the pictures published on the Internet, the atmosphere on the set was very positive, but James Bond and Captain America became especially friendly.

The other day in the official Instagram account of the film, a promotional photo of the cast appeared – the whole cast looks incredibly cute, but Daniel Craig and Chris Evans scored the most. Screen Agent 007 holds the First Avenger star on her lap and gently hugs. The celebrities were immediately nicknamed “the bride and groom”, but Ana de Armas decided to go further and troll her colleagues in her microblog.

The actress shared a photo in which she poses in a private plane with a phone in her hands, and Craig and Evans in the wedding dresses are inflatable figures on the next seat. At the same time, Daniel was considered more courageous – he was dressed in a suit of the groom, while Chris got a white wedding dress and a pink wreath.

Honeymoon planning is no easy job

– signed the actress funny picture.

A lot of funny comments gathered under the post, everyone appreciated the humor of Armas and wished the couple to give birth to a superbaby. “When will they come out?”, “Where is Robert Downey Jr looking?” – subscribers joke.

Recall that the Russian premiere of the film “Knives Out” will be held on November 28. Critics who managed to watch the film at the Toronto festival and at closed screenings, consider him the best work in the career of Ryan Johnson and the best detective released in recent years.