The exorbitant price of the console announced as “the most powerful in the world” is immediately less painful when we can stagger payment over ten monthly payments.

Baker tries to convince the last gamers who resist with a payment offer ten times without charge to get the latest console from Microsoft.

A monthly payment of 49 € 90

Announced with great fanfare in June 2017 at the E3 show, the console of Microsoft was put forward by Phil Spencer in particular by its technical aspects and the power of the machine with its 6 teraflops, equipped with 12 GB of RAM GDDR5, and its UHD Blu-ray player for real 4K with HDR and a wide range of colors and Dolby Atmos sound. Without even having a 4K TV, the Xbox One X will still offer even more beautiful games on an HDTV with upscaling technology, like the PS4 Pro.

Like the latter, the Xbox One X  MS offers a Boost mode to improve the performance of games already out while enjoying an anisotropic filtering that will significantly improve the quality of the image and including a reduction in loading times . Backwards compatibility is one of the main benefits of the console, players can play at no additional cost to the games of the original Xbox, the 360 and the One.


If you are tempted by Microsoft’s console but less by its price and the idea of paying 499 € at once, Baker has just what you need. The merchant offers a 10x payment offer free of charge, ie 10 payments of 49 € 90. To learn more, take a look at this PDF and the link below.