The Bird Box Challenge now has a completely different meaning: fans have to wait another six months for the sequel. That is only a challenge.

“I wanted to get to know Malorie even better”

Josh Malerman, the author of the story of the film, confirmed in an interview with men’s magazine Esquire that the book will be published on October 1. The next installation in the series is called Malorie, the name of the main character in the story. In the film, that character is played by none other than Sandra Bullock. 

The author tells the magazine that the inspiration came from seeing the film version of his book Bird Box. “I wanted to get to know Malorie even better,” he says. The focus in the new story will therefore be on her. “People want to know what happens to Boy and Girl. But no matter how much I care about them, it’s not their story. The Bird Box world is Malorie’s story and I want to tell more about her.” 

The book Bird Box was released in 2014, but the film was only released on Netflix a few days before Christmas 2018. It became one of the most popular movies the streaming service has ever released. It remains to be seen whether Malorie will have such an impact on viewers.