Full Throttle Saloon that claims to be the “world largest biker bar” has been burned down to ashes by the fire started early Tuesday morning.
Full Throttle Saloon Sturgis, South Dakota. The world’s largest biker bar owned by Michael Ballard.


At 12:17 am fire departments recived a first call about fire. after few mins crews of six fire departments we on the fire scene but when they got their smoke was coming out of windows of the Saloon. After few mins at 12:45a.m the fire was on the roof. The only person who was in the saloon survived without getting any injury.
Fire cause remains under the investigation.
“Firefighters tried to get inside the bar but heavy heat and smoke forced them to battle the blaze from the outside in heavy winds” said by the assistant fire chief Mr. Shawn Burrows. He also said to the media that ” we tried making access through the west-side walk-in doors, but they were locked, “We came around to the front-side garage doors on the north side of the building and cut a hole in it to make entry to the building.”
One of the Saloon’s employee Dean Mauldin said it gave him sick feeling. “Eleven years of my life burned up right there” he said.