According to Nat GEO Bones of new species has been discovered by the two scientists in African caves of Rising Star behind a limestone wall.
These body of new species were placed their intentionally in a remote chamber and this is thought that it was previously limited to humans.


Traits similar to humans, this new discovery of species also have many physical features like humans. Official also said that H. naledi shared similar feet, hand and body shape with the homo sapiens.
This also has been said that according to the research the species usually stood five feet in height and weight might be under 100 Pounds.

According to the Leer Berger who is plaeoanthropologist at the University of the Witwatersrand ” “With almost every bone in the body represented multiple times, Homo naledi is already practically the best-known fossil member of our lineage… This chamber has not given up all of its secrets. There are potentially hundreds if not thousands of remains of H.naledi still down there.”