It was the producer who announced it during an interview for Variety with a release in 2020.

Despite a certain commercial success, the film adaptation of the novel World War Z had more trouble convincing critics. So much to say that a sequel to this anecdotal film in the career of Brad Pitt was surprising … especially directed by David Fincher himself! The filmmaker – who has already directed the actor in Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seven … – will officially begin in 2019. It is the producer of the film who explained, with Variety, that World War Z 2 It will also be released in 2020. In short, the project is progressing well and David Fincher seems ready to go behind the camera, four years after Gone Girl, his latest film.

David Fincher back in a sequel to World War Z

It must be recognized, see Fincher attack after a rather average film is surprising. However, producer Dede Gardner confirmed at Variety’s microphone that the project was launched for a shoot in 2019 and a release a year later. Brad Pitt will return to his role of great flavor of humanity face the zombie threat while the film will mark a new collaboration between the latter and the director.

It remains to know the result that can offer an author like Fincher. His last sequel was none other than Alien 3, a film rejected by the filmmaker – despite his great qualities. Of course, Fincher has since taken a step (it is the case to say it) and stands out as one of the most appreciated directors of our time, all but crushed by a studio as at the time of its realization underestimated.