A little Eighth Passenger, a hint of Sunshine and hop, Origin appears!

Let it be said: all tech giants want their share of the huge Netflix cake. The solution? Simple: offer an unlimited catalog against a subscription with original productions. Amazon, soon Apple, all offer a streaming platform. This is also the case of YouTube Premium which has just unveiled the first trailer of its first original series: Origin. These are ten episodes that will be proposed and directed by Paul WS Anderson (a name that has cause to fear the worst, let’s be honest)! We will find in the casting of this show in space Tom Felton, known for his role as Malfoy in the saga Harry Potter.

A trailer with spatial inspiration

But then what about Origin, first series stamped YouTube Premium? We discover an inspiration on the side of Ridley Scott’s Eighth Passenger with a team waking up from a hibernation with, as a surprise, one (of?) Surprise guest. We also discover sequences taking place on a futuristic land, probably before this expedition that goes very badly Sunshine way of Danny Boyle!

In the cast, we find Natalia Tena and Tom Felton, both known for Harry Potter – the second was also illustrated in Game of Thrones – while Paul WS Anderson will be in the making. And this is where the worst can be expected since the man is at the origin of the terrible film saga Resident Evil and many other turnips! Budget level, it seems that YouTube has put the package when we discover the first images.

On YouTube Premium, for a subscription, Origin will be available on November 14th.